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Entry #8

Looking for an artist.

2010-03-28 03:28:01 by BeefJuice

Join me! We will use our powers to supply the newgrounds community with something amazing!


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2010-03-31 13:13:47

why, i believe i have the skills you may be looking for, such as in my brilliant preview at http://www.newgrounds[dot]com/dump/item/3032c21861f1808510 b46211777eaad6
Together we shall supply the newgrounds with something awesome!

BeefJuice responds:

Good shit man. Soon as I'm done this flash I'm working on, we can totally get together for a collab. I'm PUMPED.


2010-07-06 21:50:55

didnt your name used to be louia-ali or something


2011-06-17 02:13:53

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